Decorative Chip Garage Floor Coatings


Our decorative chip garage floor gives you the look of stunning granite or terrazzo with unmatched durability. High-traffic spaces demand high-performance systems. The Pittsburgh Garage floor coating is a high quality, stain-resistant, easy to maintain surface.

Using extremely durable fused epoxies and polyurethane components, our floor coatings are eight times stronger and more flexible than standard paints. Unlike those inferior DIY coating systems that can wear through or peel, our coatings permanently bond to the concrete for ultimate durability.

Our flooring offers a contemporary, attractive finish that is no match for spills, stains or the extreme temperatures associated with the garage environment. Our coating systems are UV stable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and have near-zero VOC’s.

Available in hundreds of various flake and solid color combinations, you now have the opportunity to customize your garage to fit the style of your home.


Solid Color Coating

Nothing will outshine or outlast a solid color garage floor coating system from Pittsburgh Garage. Unlike other lower quality systems that stain or peel, our floor coating system is a high quality, stain-resistant, easy to maintain surface that offers a contemporary, attractive finish. Our solid coatings have a high gloss shine and there are dozens of colors to choose from. Best of all our garage floor coating systems are UV stable and will remain looking like new for many years. Your garage floor will look great and be back in business the very next day. Be sure to contact us for more information about new and upcoming colors.


Metallic Coating

Our metallic coating systems are only installed by our most seasoned and artistic supervisors. These decorative coatings create special pearlescent and iridescent effects with limitless color options and variations to create a unique artesian appearance. Install with high gloss topcoats for a strikingly flashy surface or use our matte finish coatings for a more natural look.


Garage Tile

Our garage flooring tile system is a unique interlocking design that provides you with a colorful, durable and easy to maintain flooring system. Install it in your garage, hangar, patio, showroom or customer service area. This system allows you complete flexibility to be creative and customize your own personal floor design. The options are limitless. The tiles are UV stable and can be used indoors or outdoors. Easy to clean. Use a dust mop, wet/dry vacuum or hose. The tiles are non-slip when wet and are extremely strong. They are made from recycled tires and are designed to be one of the strongest and longest lasting tile systems in the industry.


Decorative Chip Flooring

Solid Color Flooring

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