Pittsburgh Garage Floor Coatings Key Features

  • Aesthetics – Most likely the garage is the primary entrance you and your guests use to enter your house. It has become the new ”front door” to your home. Wouldn’t it be nice if it had an attractive, easy-to-clean floor that reflects the beauty of your home’s interior?
  • Seals in concrete ”dust” so it’s not tracked into the house
  • Easy to hose clean even in the winter so road salt and winter dirt is not tracked into the house. Just spray clean with hose or a mop.
  • Unlike “stone and epoxy” floors, our coatings are non-porous so dirt, road salt, food, gas and oil will not saturate or stain the coating.
  • Quality floor coatings offer good slip resistance even when wet
  • We have a number of resinous polymer formulations of epoxy and polyaspartic.
  • We use mechanical diamond abrasives surface preparation – superior to typical acid wash
  • Will not peel, even under hot tires. Rated for commercial use.
  • No VOC’s and very little odor. Environmentally friendly ”Green” coatings.
  • Our polyaspartic topcoat has a high resistance to impact, abrasion and extreme temperature.
  • Can be installed down to freezing temperatures
  • 100% UV protection so coatings will not yellow or oxidize. Our formulations are 100% solids.
  • Our coatings typically cure in 24 hours getting your garage back in use quickly.
  • Five Year Warranty – expected useful life of 15 years or more.

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