Your Guide to Epoxy Floor Coating: Top Do’s and Don’ts

Step into your garage. Are you proud of what you see, or could the space use a serious overhaul? One way to completely revitalize your garage is to have an epoxy floor coating installed. Endless color options allow you to achieve the perfect aesthetic while durability ensures your investment lasts for years. Of course, that’s assuming you follow the top do’s and don’ts of custom garage flooring. Here’s what you need to know.
epoxy floor coating

DO purchase a floor coating covered by a warranty.

Epoxy flooring is an investment, and while the installation process usually takes no more than a day, it’s not something you want to deal with replacing anytime soon. This reality means you need to find a long-lasting product. How do you know one floor coating will last longer than another? One good indication is the warranty. Some epoxy floorings don’t offer any kind of warranty. This is especially true of DIY kits.

However, Pittsburgh Garage is proud to supply quality epoxy products covered by a 5-year warranty. This covers anything from peeling and delaminating to staining and other defects. With a good warranty in place, you can put your mind at ease when you make an investment with us.


DON’T think a coating will fix an existing issue.

If you have a cracked, pitted or uneven garage floor, don’t make the mistake of assuming epoxy will hide the problem. You need to get the garage floor in good shape before you apply the coating. Otherwise, it might not adhere properly or last as long as it should.

A professional installer will never move on with the project until flaws in the concrete have been addressed. If you’re not sure whether your garage floor is epoxy-ready, a free in-home consultation is the best way to find out.


DO follow cleaning and care guidelines.

Once your shiny, new custom garage flooring is installed, you want to do everything you can to extend its life. Fortunately, epoxy is durable enough that you don’t need to baby it. Plus, the low-maintenance surface never needs to be resealed. Still, it’s worthwhile to keep sharp or abrasive objects away from the flooring to sustain a high-gloss, scratch-free surface. And even though epoxy is touted as a stain-resistant surface, it’s still wise to clean up spills quickly as a precautionary measure.


DON’T assume all coatings are alike.

You might hear multiple companies say their epoxy floor coatings are the best, but only those that offer a polyaspartic topcoat can truly make this claim. This impact and abrasion resistant surface is also nonporous and withstands extreme temperatures. These are all top qualities you want in an epoxy floor coating, qualities that DIY kits simply can’t match.

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